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Windows Vista Annoyances

By David A. Karp

Windows Vista Annoyances Book Cover

Book Cover reproduced with kind permission of O'Reilly Media, Inc

Spend some time perusing the Windows Vista newsgroups and you will soon see that the biggest annoyance to the users of Windows Vista is the Windows Vista operating system itself.

Windows Vista may have been billed as the operating system with the 'WoW' factor or, as Microsoft regularly expound, 'the most secure windows operating system yet,' but, in reality, to most of its users, Windows Vista is, sadly, the biggest annoyance yet.

Fortunately, you don't have to spend hours pulling your hair out trying to find solutions to Vista's many annoyances; instead David A. Karp's Windows Vista Annoyances can do the job for you.

Windows Vista Annoyances comprises the following chapters:

  1. Get started with Windows Vista.
  2. Shell tweaks.
  3. The Registry.
  4. Working with Media.
  5. Performance.
  6. Troubleshooting.
  7. Networking and Internet.
  8. Users and Security.
  9. Scripting and Automation.
  10. Appendix - BIOS Settings; TCP/IP Ports

Whether you want to know how to install Windows Vista or create a simple Script to automate a particular application, then Windows Vista Annoyances has just the answer.

As the title suggests this book tackles all those Vista annoyances you wish you could eliminate but never knew how. Reading through the book you will see that Karp really empathises with his readership and has gone to great lengths providing the reader with a plethora of customisation techniques, hacks and troubleshooting solutions.

Containing numerous working examples, each solution is well thought out and the step by step instructions means that even a relative beginner wouldn't get lost.

Karp actually goes into considerable detail with subjects such as the Windows Registry, Networking and Internet and even Scripting and Automation. If I didn't know much about scripting when I started reading this book - something that prior to reviewing this book I wasn't particularly interested in - I certainly knew a whole lot more by the time I'd finished it.

Covering such topics as, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), fixing USB management issues, Preventative maintenance and Data recovery along with a host of other useful topics, Karp's Troubleshooting chapter also contains gems of advice that are well worth taking note.

Finding a computer manual that is informative isn't a problem, the local book stores have hundreds of them. On the other hand, finding one that is informative, entertaining and capable of giving the reader a feeling of satisfaction is a far more difficult task.


Windows Vista Annoyances is an easy read, packed with useful information. I personally found it an entertaining read which, once started, was difficult to put down. And as I read the final page I realised that I'd actually leant something.

Being able to entertain, keep the reader focussed and give him/her the satisfaction of having learned something new is difficult for even the best known authors but, I have to say, that Karp' Windows Vista Annoyances did all that and still had plenty to spare. If I were asked to choose just one book on Windows Vista then it would have to be Windows Vista Annoyances. From the first page I had high expectations and this gem of a book certainly didn't disappoint!