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About Me

My interest in computing started way back in 1987; this was at the time when Amstrad's popular word processing computer, the Amstrad PCW 9512, was in vogue. Never having looked at a word processor before, let alone a personal computer, I was fascinated at how much faster a job could be done when compared to a standard typewriter. After purchasing my very own Amstrad PCW 9512 it wasn't long before I wanted to share my experience and so began contributing to the very popular PCW Plus magazine published by Future Publishing. The memories still linger of that faithful first machine.

However, nothing stands still for very long, particularly in the field of Information Technology. So, as you can appreciate, it wasn't long before the old PCW 9512 was passed on to someone else and replaced by a shiny new Personal Computer.

As time went by I started contributing to Future Publishing's flagship, PC Plus. This gave me the opportunity to explore the PC more fully and, in particular, begin reviewing computer software. This then opened up opportunities in other magazines such as PC Advisor and PC Pro.

At about the same time I was fortunate enough begin beta testing software for Microsoft and a few other software developer's. This proved to be a very rewarding experience.

Testing products first hand enabled me to experience the many faults prone to software which is currently under development. Experiencing these faults gave me the initiative to join the many newsgroups which regularly gave practical advice to people who either had had problems or else were still experiencing them.

Obviously I sailed through the Windows Me beta without too many problems, but Windows XP produced more of the 'bugs' that Microsoft needed to cure. Once again I scoured the Microsoft Public Newsgroups and, if I knew the solution to a problem, I posted the relevant solution. It was due to my contributions to the newsgroups that in 2002 my peers put my name forward to the Microsoft Most Valued Professional Award as a possible candidate for the Microsoft MVP award. It was at this time that I received my very first Microsoft MVP Status.

In 2005 I also co-authored, along with Curt Simmons, Alan Simpson and David Dalan, a new addition to the Windows XP library entitled "Windows XP MVP." Further details are available from Amazon.Com

I live in the United Kingdom