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Contact Details

Important Notice

I am unable to answer email support questions. If you have a problem which is not currently covered on this site may I suggest that, for further help with your support questions, you visit the Microsoft Answers Forum at:


Newsgroups can provide you with a quicker answer to your question as many people visit every day, either to ask a question or to contribute an answer. As well as myself other MVPs freely give their time to contribute to these newsgroups. As a result of these contributions you may find that your question has already been answered; alternatively doing a Google search can usually bring up a list of possible solutions.

While your comments and suggestions are most welcome, requests for help and support are no longer available; my workload simply no longer makes advising users by email a viable proposition.

The contact details listed on this page are for comment, suggestions and Editorial use only.

Thank You for your understanding.

Kind Regards


Comments and Suggestions

Comments and suggestions are always welcome so please feel free to contact me directly at:

E-mail: john.freelanceit@gmail.com

I am unable to answer email support questions, so PLEASE do not use the contact email address above for that purpose, your request will go unanswered.


Editors, Press Officers, Software Manufacturers/Developers and Book Publishers may contact me direct at:

E-mail: john.freelanceit@gmail.com

Editors Please Note: I reside in the United Kingdom

Software And Book Reviews

I am always willing to consider software (whether freeware, shareware or commercial) and computer related books for review on the Vista Support Web Site. Software developers and book publishers interested in supplying software and/or books for review should, in the first instance, contact me at the email address above.

Website Links

While I am prepared to consider reciprocal links with other website they must be relevant to the content on my website. If the content doesn't match my own site I will not be interested in a reciprocal link.

To request a reciprocal link contact me direct at: E-mail: john.freelanceit@gmail.com