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116. Vista Prompts For Activation After Installing SP1

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is an important update for the Windows operating system. However, after you have installed this latest service pack and re-started your PC, you may find that Vista request that you re-activate the operating system, even though it was activated prior to installing the service pack.

There are a couple of reasons why this might happen:

Instance One

In the first instance, as outlined above, Windows Vista SP1 has found it necessary to update some hardware drivers on your machine and this, ultimately, has led to Windows Vista requiring activation once again.

All that is necessary in this instance is for the user to re-activate. The first option is to try to re-activate over the internet. If, however, re-activation is refused then the next option is to use the Telephone Activation option.

I should point out that the Telephone activation service is automated and that you will be required to input a series of numbers using your telephone keypad. These numbers will be displayed on your computer screen as you progress through the activation wizard.

Once these numbers have been processed the automated service will read out to you another set of numbers which you must input into the dialogue box which appears on your computer screen. Once this has been completed successfully Windows Vista will activated.

The telephone number you are asked to dial will vary depending upon your location (country etc), but generally I will be a Toll free (Free Phone) number. If activation is not completed successfully using the telephone method then it is important that you DO NOT end the call. Stay on the line and you will be connected to a 'real' person who will guide you through the activation process. The whole process should take no more than 10 to 15 minutes, if that.

Instance Two

If your activation problem falls into the second category this means that your copy of Vista has had a hack applied to by-pass the activation process. SP1 has been modified to seek out and disable these hacks. In this instance the only way you will be able to activate your copy of Windows Vista is to provide a current, valid Windows Vista product code. Without this valid product code Windows Vista will not activate