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20. Vista DVD Repair Your Computer Options

Windows XP had Recovery Console, Windows Vista has Repair Your Computer. Both have a part to play in repairing your PC but the Windows Vista Repair your computer option is far more user friendly.

To access the repair your computer options proceed as follows:

1/ Switch on your PC.

2/ Quickly insert the Vista DVD into your CD/DVD-ROM drive.

3/ A message will appear asking you to Press any key to boot from CD/DVD.

4/ Press any key.

5/ A black screen will now appear with a progress bar along the bottom. The legend say's Windows is loading files.

6/ After the files have been loaded the Language screen will appear.

7/ At the Install Windows Screen press the Repair Your Computer option.

8/ Windows will now search for an operating system.

9/ After Windows had searched your system select the operating system from the System Recovery options box and press the Next button. If you only have one operating system on your machine, this will be the only one highlighted.

10/ A list of recovery tools now appears as follows:

  1. Startup Repair - automatically fixes problems that are preventing Windows from starting.
  2. System Restore - restores Windows to an earlier point in time.
  3. Windows Complete PC Restore - restore your entire computer from a backup. You must have created a backup before you can use this option.
  4. Windows Memory Diagnostics - checks your computer for memory hardware errors.
  5. Command Prompt - opens a command prompt window

11/ Click on the option you require and follow the onscreen instructions.