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13. Update Windows Experience Index Score

When Windows Vista is first installed onto your computer a series of assessments is run by Vista to give your PC a Windows Experience Index score. This assesses the capability of the PCs hardware and software; the result being displayed as a base score which generally reflects the lowest scoring component. It should be noted that this score is not an average, just a sub-score.

Obviously the higher the sub-score number the more likely it is that you PC will be able to perform more resource intensive activities than a PC with a lower sub-score.

Of course there are ways of increasing the Windows Experience Index score. This generally requires the replacement of certain component parts such as Graphics Card, Memory etc.

While replacing hardware will instantly improve the Windows Experience Index, the index score is not automatically updated. Therefore, say for argument, you had an initial sub-score of 3.3 (this perhaps referring to the business graphics of your Graphics Card) and you subsequently decided to change your Graphic Card in order to improve the figure; after you installed the new Graphics card the sub-score would still read 3.3

In order for you to update the Windows Experience Score you need to do the following:

1/ Click the Start Button.

2/ From the Start Menu click the Control panel option.

3/ In Control Panel Click on the System icon.

4/ In the 'View basic information about your computer' window look for the System section.

5/ In the System section next to the 'Rating' guide you will see a link marked 'Windows experience Index', Click on this link.

6/ The Rate and Improve your computer performance window will now open.

7/ Click the 'Update My Score' link situated just below the Basic Score display box.

8/ The Windows Experience Index will now run a series of assessments in order to rate your PC.

9/ At the end of the assessment your Windows Experience Index score will be updated.