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64. Turn On/Off Cleartype

Clear Type is enabled by default on Windows Vista. Originally the type face was used to visually improve information on a laptop LCD screen. While clear type was also available in Windows XP, in XP, it was not enabled by default.

Personally, even on a desktop PC i find clear type quite sharp. However, some people may not like clear type so here is a way to disable (or enable it after you have disabled it).

1/ Right click on a vacant part of your desktop.

2/ From the drop down menu that appears, Click Personalize.

3/ In the Personalize window, Click the Windows Color and Appearance option.

4/ In the color and appearance window, Click the open classic appearance properties for more color option.

5/ In the classic appearance properties window, Press the Effects button.

6/ A small effects window will now appear.

7/ Under the use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts section you will see an option box.

8/ Click the arrow to the Right of the box and select either standard or cleartype depending upon which you require.

9/Next click OK followed by OK again to close the classic appearance setting window.

10/ Finally Close the personalization window.