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59. Turn Off The Windows Start Up Sound

The Windows Start up sound is the musical sound you hear when Windows Vista first starts. To some this 'musical introduction' is a mere irritation, others, of course, insist that being able to disable this sound actually decreases the time it takes for Vista to boot up. Personally I can't say that I have noticed any decrease in boot up speed, but the again I don't time how long it takes for my PC to boot up in the morning to the precise millisecond.

However, whichever faction you belong to when it comes to the Windows Vista startup sound there is a simple way of disabling it.

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ On the Start menu, Click Control Panel.

3/ In Control Panel, Click the Sound Icon.

4/ Once the sound window has opened, Click the Sounds tab.

5/ A list of available sounds will now be displayed.

6/ Beneath the box containing the list of sounds you should see an option marked Play Windows Startup sound.

7/ To Disable this feature, Remove the check mark from the box at the left of this option.

8/ Once you have removed the check mark, Click the OK button.

9/ Finally Close the control panel window.

10/ The next time you boot your PC you will not be greeted with the Windows start up sound.