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12. Turn Off Security Center Alerts

The Security Center alerts you when a security problem occurs. This can be anything from an anti virus application that doesn't have updated definitions to the disabling of UAC. Either way these alerts are important and are not to be dismissed lightly.

Sometimes, however, having a security center flag popping up every now and again can become a nuisance, particularly if the problem isn't serious. In this instance you can, if you wish, set the security alerts so that they don't notify you when a problem occurs (not recommended).

To change the way Security Center notifies you of a problem proceed as follows:

1/ Click the Start Button.

2/ From the Start Menu click Control Panel.

3/ In Control panel click the Security Center Icon.

4/ On the Left hand side of the Security Center window you will see a list of options.

5/ Click on the Change the way Security Center alerts me option.

6/ Another box will now appear marked 'Do you want to be notified of Security issues?'

7/ Look down the list of options and click on Don't notify me and don't display the icon (not recommended) option.

8/ The box will now close and Security center will no longer notify you of any Security issues.

9/ To re-enable notification click on the 'Yes notify me and display the icon (recommended) option.