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31. Silence Dial Up Modem

As soon as your modem starts to dial your ISP's telephone number, the minute it makes contact the modem starts screeching and wailing as if it is in pain. This can be extremely irritating. Fortunately it is easy to stop.

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ In the Start menu click Control Panel.

3/ In Control panel click the Phone and Modem icon.

4/ The phone and modem options window opens.

5/ Click the Modem tab and then click the Properties button at the base of the window.

6/ In the Modem Properties window click the Advanced tab.

7/In the advanced tab window a dialog box called Extra Initialisation Commands should be visible.

8/ In this box type: M0 (the 0 being Zero).

9/ Click OK to exit.

10 You can also use the volume control on the Modem tab in the modem properties window to turn off the modem speaker.