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36. Shrink A Partition From Within Vista

For the first time a windows operating system is now capable of shrinking your hard drive partition without the need for third party software such as Partition Magic, Acronis Disk Director or Paragon Partition Manager. These last three software applications are not redundant however. Windows Vista's disk management still can't handle everything that Partition Manager, Acronis Disk Director or Paragon Partition Manager can, but at least it is a start.

To shrink a partition proceed as follows:

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ From the Start menu click Control Panel.

3/ In Control Panel click the Administrative Tools Icon.

4/ In Administrative Tools click the Computer Management option.

5/ Because Computer management requires administrative privileges you may find the the User Account Control will pop up. If it does then enter the required information (if you are not the administrator) or, if you are the administrator, click the Continue button.

6/ In the Computer Management window look at the list of options on the left of the window. Under Storage you will see the Disk management. Click on this option.

7/ When the Disk Management window opens Right Click on the partition you want to shrink and, from the drop down menu click on the Shrink Volume option.

8/ In the Shrink Volume window Enter, in the appropriate box, the amount you want to shrink the partition.

9/ Ensure that the Total size after shrink is the size you finally want and then Click the Shrink button.

10/ Windows will now shrink the partition by the amount you stipulated.