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94. Show Tabbed Internet Explorer 7.0 Web Pages As Thumbnails

Internet Explorer 7 opens web pages as tabbed sections within the main Internet Explorer window. While you only have one web page open this is the only page you need to view. However, if you have a number of web pages open the main Internet Explorer window will consist of numerous tabs and, the only way you can view each tab is by clicking each individual tab to open that tabbed window.

An alternative method is to display the tabbed windows as thumbnails by clicking the Quick Tab button as follows:

1/ Open Internet Explorer 7.0.

2/ Navigate to three or four different web sites, so that you have a number of tabbed web pages open.

3/ Now Click the Quick Tab button situated on the Internet Explorer toolbar. You will find it situated between the Add Favourite button and the Internet Explorer Address bar. However, it will only be visible when two or more tabbed web pages are open. If you only have one tabbed Window open, then the Quick Tab button will not appear.

4/ Once you have Clicked the Quick Tab Button all the currently open web pages will be displayed as thumbnails in a single window.

5/ To view an individual web page simply Click on the relevant thumbnail.