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43. Show Hidden Files And Folders

When you are using Windows Explorer not all available files and folders are visible in the directory list. The main reason for this is that many of the files and folders are required by the operating system and, if the file/folder names were visible, there is every possibility that they could be inadvertently deleted.

While it may be necessary, at times, to display these hidden files and folders it is advisable not to leave them permanently displayed.

To enable the Show Hidden Files and Folder option proceed as follows:

1/ Open Windows Explorer.

2/ In the Windows Explorer window, Click the Organize button.

3/ From the drop down menu, Click the Folder and Search Option.

4/ In the Folder options Window that appears, Click the View tab.

5/ In the View tab look for the section marked Hidden Files And Folders.

6/ In this section Click on the Radio button next to the Show Hidden Files And Folders Option.

7/ Finally Click the OK button.

8/ To Hide the folders again, Click the Radio button next to the Do Not Show Hidden Files And Folders Option and then Click OK.