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88. Run Windows Vista For 120 Days Without Having To Activate

If you obtain an evaluation copy of Windows Vista Microsoft allow you, by default, 30 (thirty) days grace before you are required buy a product key code. If after the thirty day period you have not purchased a product key for Windows Vista, the next time you reboot Vista will open in restricted mode and constantly nag you that your copy of Windows Vista is Not Genuine and, as such, many of Vista's options will stop working.

While I agree that 30 (thirty) days is more than enough time to evaluate the software and thus Activate it, there may be a time when thirty days is simply not long enough.

Of course, Microsoft will not allow more than thirty days grace on OEM and Retail versions of Windows. A longer period is, of course, available to people who subscribe to the Microsoft Developer's Network, MSDN. However, there is a way you can actually increase the time need to activate from the standard 30 (thirty) days to 120 (one hundred and twenty.) I should warn you, though, that this trick can only be used for a maximum of three times, so don't rely upon it.

So how's it done? Well to begin with you need to be sure that the grace period hasn't already expired, so I suggest you try this trick out when activation tells you that you have 2 or 3 days left, i.e., after 26 to 29 days have expired.

Once you know you have time left proceed as follows:

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ In the Search box at the bottom of the Start menu type: cmd

3/ In the top section of the Start menu you should see the results of the Windows search for cmd. What you will see is the Command Prompt application file.

4/ Right click on the cmd application file and, from the drop down menu, Select the run as administrator option.

5/ The User Account Control box will appear asking for your permission to continue. If you are the administrator, then press the Continue button. If you are not the Administrator you will need to input the Administrator credentials (user name and password) before you will be allowed to continue.

6/ When the Command Prompt window opens type: slmgr -rearm and Press Enter.

7/ Finally, Close the command prompt window and re-start your computer.

8/ Windows activation should now have been re-set to 30 (thirty) days again.