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30. Run Blocked Startup Programs

Windows Vista is very security conscious and programs that run automatically when your PC starts come under particular scrutiny.

If, for example, a startup application requires permission or maybe an administrator password, User Account Control (UAC) kicks in and blocks the program from starting. An example of such a startup program could be update manager software such as Adobe Update Manager

To let you know that the program has been blocked, a message will appear in the notification tray to the right of your desktop, near the clock.

If you need this program to run you will need to give it the required permission, as follows:

1/ Right Click on the blocked startup program icon in the notification tray.

2/ Click on the Run Blocked Program option.

3/ From the list that appears, Click on the program you wish to run

4/ If confirmation or an administrator password is required the user Account Control (UAC) will prompt you for that information or permission.

5/ If required type in your administrator password or Click the continue button (only if UAC need confirmation), if requested.

6/ The blocked program should now run.


Blocked Startup Program is part of Vista's security and you will be required to go through this procedure each time the particular program requires to run when Windows starts. However, where update managers are concerned as soon as all the updates have been completed the program will no longer require to run at startup and, therefore, you should not be prompted. Recently, however, I have been made aware of a workaround which will effectively turn off this option completely. For further details on this workaround visit the following link: Vista Blocked Programs at Startup- Fix Once and for All