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22. Run As Administrator

On occasion you may come across an application that, when you come to launch it, refuses to launch due to insufficient user permissions. For example, if you try to launch the boot configuration application, BCDedit, from the Command Window you may get the following message 'The boot configuration data store could not be opened. Access denied.'

When this happens it usually indicates that Windows requires your permission to launch the application. in this situation it is advisable to use the Run as Administrator option.

By using the Run as Administrator option you can allow this application to run once without the need for full administrator privileges.

1/ Locate the applications icon or short cut and Right click on it.

2/ From the Drop Down Menu select the Run As Administrator option.

3/ Now click the application icon or short cut and it should run.

4/ When the User Account Control (UAC) message appears enter the appropriate credentials if you are logged on as a standard user, and click the Submit button.

5/ If you are the Administrator and UAC is not configured to always require credentials, just Click the Continue button and the application should start.