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62. Remove Personal Information From Image Files

All image files contain a host of information such as Author, date taken, star rating, folder path, camera speed etc; all of which you may not want the person(s) you are sending the file to see.

Removing this information couldn't be simpler. Just follow the simple instructions below:

1/ Open Windows Explorer and locate the file or groups of files you want to remove the information from.

2/ If it is just one file, then Right click on the file and select properties. If it is a group of files, select the whole group prior to Right clicking on a file.

3/ In the Properties window, Click the details tab.

4/ Look at the bottom of the window and you will see a link marked remove properties and personal information. Click on this link.

5/ In the Remove Properties window that appears select either to remove the properties from the file or make a copy of the file that has no personal information, and then Click OK.

6/ Finally, Click OK in the next window and then close Windows explorer.