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85. Remove ISP Branding From Your PC

Using your ISP's (Internet Service Provider) CD to install your internet connection settings can result in certain applications, notably Internet Explorer, being branded with the name of your ISP.

Many people get annoyed that they have no control over the branding that appears. Some simply want it removed so that only the legend Internet Explorer remains. After all this is 'your' computer we are talking about, just because you pay your ISP for your internet connection it doesn't give them the right to plaster their name all over your PC.

So assuming you don't like the ISP branding here is how you get rid of it.

1/ Click Start.

2/ On the Start menu click Run.

3/ If the Run dialogue box is not available you will need to click on all programs>accessories and then click the Run option.

4/ In the Run dialogue box type: Rundll32 IedkCS32.dll, Clear and press OK.

5/ User Account Control (UAC) will pop up a permissions dialogue box. If you are the administrator then simply press the Continue button. If you are not the administrator then you will need the administrator password before you can continue.

6/ Once you have give User Account Control the relevant permissions the the command in step 5 above will be executed and all ISP branding should now disappear.