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105. Prevent CAP LOCK Message Flashing On Screen When Pressing The Cap Lock Button

If you are using a wireless keyboard you will have probably notice that every time you press the CAP Lock button a warning message appears in the lower right of your screen informing you that you have either turned this option On or Off.

After a while this can become rather irritating, so if you want to get rid of it, proceed as follows:

1/ Click the Start Button.

2/ From the Start Menu, Click Control Panel.

3/ In Control panel, Click the Keyboard icon.

4/ The keyboard properties window will now open.

5/ In the keyboard properties window you should see a list of key names and a description of what each key is assigned to.

6/ Locate the CAPS LOCK option and click the Edit button.

7/ In the reassign window remove the tick mark from the displays CAPS LOCK status on screen.

8/ Now click Finish, followed by OK on the keyboard properties window.

9/ The cap lock status should now not appear.