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72. Move Documents Folder to Another Location

The Documents folder is situated at C:\users\yourname\documents. However the document folder isn't static. You can now move it to wherever you like.

To move the Document folder proceed as follows:

1/ Right Click the Document folder and, from the drop down menu, select Properties.

2/ In the Properties window, Click the Location tab.

3/ In the default setting dialog box you will see the current position of the documents file, i.e., c:\users\John\Documents.

4/ Just below the location dialog box you will see three buttons:

  1. Restore Default.
  2. Move.
  3. Find Target.

5/ Click the Move button.

6/ The select a destination window opens.

7/ Select a destination for the Document folder and then Click the Select Folder button.

8/ You will now be taken back to the documents properties window.

9/ Next, Click the Apply button.

10/ A message will now appear saying Do you want to move all the files from the old location to the new location.

11/ To continue, Click Yes.

12/ The documents folder, along with all of its files, will now be moved to the new location.