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70. Modify Locations Which Vista Indexes

For quick searching of files on your PC, Windows Vista automatically indexes set folders on your system. This is an excellent and, surprisingly, quick way of searching your system. provided, the file(s) you are looking for reside in the default folders that Vista indexes.

If the file you are looking for doesn't fit into the standard folder categories indexed by Vista you may be in for a long wait while Vista searches your system for the file.

To modify Vistas' indexing capability, add new folders or, indeed, remove folders you don't require indexing, proceed as follows:

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ From the Start Menu, Click Control panel.

3/ In Control Panel, Click the Indexing option (if you are using the Control Panel Home display then you need to click System and Maintenance>indexing options).

4/ In the Indexing Window, Click the Modify button.

5/ The indexed Locations window dialog box now appears.

6/ In the Locations window, Click the Show all Locations button.

7/ Because you are making alterations to the system, the User Account Control (UAC) will kick in and prompt you for Authorisation. if you are the Administrator then simply Click the Continue button. If you have a Standard user Account, you will need the Administrator password to continue.

8/ The Change Selected Locations window now appears. To expand the location selection, Click the arrow next to the relevant checkbox(es).

9/ Once the selected location has expanded, Click the checkbox of the folder(s) you wish to add to the index. if you want to Remove a particular folder, Click on the relevant checkbox to remove the checkmark, then Click OK.

10/ Finally, Click the Close Button.