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54. Aero Feature Missing

Aero is the Windows Vista feature that gives your windows the glass effect. However, Aero is only available in certain versions of Windows Vista, notably: Home Premium, Business and Ultimate. If you only have the Home Basic edition installed then Aero will not be available.

Another factor that will influence the Aero feature is your graphics card (video). Your graphics card (video) must meet certain standards, which means it must meet the following criteria:

If your video card doesn't have these minimum requirements then, again, no Aero will be available.

If your graphic (video) card does meet these requirements and you still have no Aero feature, try the following.

1/ Right click on a vacant part of the Desktop.

2/ From the Drop down menu Click on the Personalize option.

3/ In the Personalize windows, Click on the Windows colour and appearance link.

4/ Make certain that there is a Checkmark in the Enable Transparency Box. If there isn't then Click on the box with your mouse to insert a checkmark.

5/ Next Click the OK button.

6/ Finally Close the Control panel Window.

7/ The Aero feature should now be visible.