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98. Leave Message Copies On WebMail Server When Downloading To Windows Mail

There are numerous web based mail sites available now where you can create you own email address and then have 2GB of space or more allocated for incoming emails. The point of this is that you should never have to delete any email. In other word you always have a record of every single email you receive and send.

This is great! No longer do you need to go through your emails and delete everything you don't want or need on a regular basis.

But what happens if you decide to use Windows Mail for accessing your web based email account via POP/SMTP protocol?

Well the answer to that is really simple. Every single email is downloaded from your web mail server to Windows Mail and, would you believe it, when you go to your web mail account no emails exist because they have been removed from the server, completely!

This is because of a little know option in Windows Mail that is 'not' enabled by default. To download your web based mail to Windows Mail and keep a copy of those emails on your web based account, you need to ensure that the Leave a copy of messages on server option is enabled.

To do this proceed as follows:

1/ If you haven't already setup your email account then do so now.

2/ Once the email account is set up, Click the Tools Tab on the main toolbar.

3/ From the Drop Down menu, Click Accounts.

4/ In the Accounts window, Click on the email account you require, i.e., Yahoo, and then press the Properties button.

5/ In the Properties window, Click the Advanced Tab.

6/ In the Advanced tab window look for the Delivery section near the bottom of the window.

7/ In the Delivery section place a Check Mark in the box next to the Leave a copy of messages on server option and then press the Apply button.

8/ If you so wish you can also set the delivery option up to remove mail from the server after so many days or remove from the server when deleted from deleted items by enabling the relevant option. Obviously you don't need to enable these options if you don't want to, but they are available if the need arises.

9/ Finally, Press the OK button to close the Account properties and then press close to close the Internet Accounts window.