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32. Install Windows Vista

While Windows Vista is a completely new operating system, how you install or re-install is not much different to other versions of the Windows operating system. The most important thing is to make sure you have everything to hand before you actually make a start. You certainly don't want to be having to search around for SATA drivers and things like that just after you have started the installation process.

Another important thing to remember is, if you have USB peripherals attached to your PC, i.e., Printer, Webcam, Card Reader, Modem etc, make sure that you disconnect them from the PC prior to installing the operating system. The only USB peripheral you do not need to remove is USB Mouse and Keyboard.

To install Windows Vista, you should have the following:

1/ Switch on your PC.

2/ As the system starts to boot quickly insert the Window Vista DVD.

3/ If all goes well a black screen should appear with the words Press any key to boot from CD or DVD. If you find that the PC boots into Windows XP then you probably weren’t quick enough inserting the DVD into the DVD drive. Don’t worry, just let XP load, then click the Start button and select ‘restart’ and go through the procedure again.

4/ After you press Enter or 'any key' Windows will start to load files into memory.

Vista is loading files

5/ Depending upon the available physical memory in your PC you will find that it takes a few minutes to initially load the Windows Vista files into your PCs memory.

Vista progress bar

6/ After the main files have finished loading a black screen will appear with a green progress bar.

Blue gossamar screen

7/ A short time later the progress bar screen will change to a blue screen like the one above.

8/ When the language Window appears select, using the drop down menu, the language you need for installation and then press the Next button.

Language screen

9/ At the Install screen, click the Install Now button to start the installation of Windows Vista.

Vista Install screen

10/ After clicking the Install Now button, you will be asked to wait.

Please wait screen

11/ After a moment or two the product key screen will appear. At this point type in your Windows Vista product key number and then click the Next button.

Vista Product key screen

12/ The next step is to accept the EULA (End User Licence Agreement). Just click in the box next to the I accept the license terms option and press Next.

Vista end user licence screen

13/ You are now asked to choose the type of installation you require. If you are doing a clean install, select Custom. If you are upgrading from another version of Windows, click Upgrade. You should note that, if it is not possible for you to upgrade i.e., you are doing a clean install, the upgrade option will be disabled (grayed out).

Custom install screen

14/ Having got through the preliminaries you now need to select the drive or partition where you want to install Vista. Once you have selected the drive or partition press the Next button.

Where do you want to install windows

15/ Windows Vista will now start to install. You can instantly see the installation progress as files are copied, expanded and installed.

Windows need to restart to continue

16/ After the files have been installed your PC will need to restart. You can either allow Windows Vista to automatically restart your PC or, alternatively, you can press the Restart Now button on the Windows needs to restart to continue screen.

Vista progress bar

17/ Your system will now restart.

Please wait a moment while windows prepares to start for the first time

18/ After restarting you will be asked to wait a moment while Windows prepares to start for the first time. This may take a while.

Please wait screen

19/ The next screen you should see is a please wait screen.

Installing windows progress screen

20/ After a short period Windows Vista continues to install the installation files. After it finishes your PC will restart again.

Please Note Currently there is no warning of this restart, so don’t worry if the screen goes blank and the PC restarts on its own.

Progress screen

21/ After restarting the progress bar appears again before Windows Vista starts asking for user details.

Choose a user name and picture screen

22/ The first user detail screen asks for your name, password, and picture. Type your user name, followed by your password. You will also need to confirm your user password. After this has been completed you may select a picture of your choice. If you don’t want to change the default picture simply press the Next button. If you want to change the picture, simply highlight the new picture you want and then press the Next button.

Type a computer name and choose a desktop background screen

23/ The next screen allows you to choose a name for your computer and also to change the desktop background. Type the name of your computer and then click on a suitable background picture (unless you prefer the default one) and then press the Next button.

Help protect windows automatically screen

24/ On the next screen you have the option of selecting how you will deal with updates, firewall etc. It is wise to click the use recommended settings option and then press the Next button. You can make changes to the security settings, if you wish, after installation has finished.

Review your time and date settings screen

25/ Now review the date and time settings and make any necessary adjustment. Press Next after completing this screen.

Installation completed. Thank You screen

26/ Finally the Thank You screen appears. The major part of the installation has now been completed. All that is required now is for Windows Vista to check your PCs performance, so to get started, press the Start button

27/ Prior to Windows Vista starting, the operating system first needs to check your system performance.

Getting it done just got more fun screen

28/ As performance tests are being carried out a sequence of around 6 windows like the one above will appear on screen.

Connect and communicate like never before screen

29/ Each screen gets you nearer to your ultimate aim, the Windows Vista desktop.

Turn everyday moments into lifetime memories screen

30/ The sequence of these screens may repeat depending upon how quickly they appear.

Connect, Play, have fun screen

31/ Almost there

32/ Just a little bit longer.

A more secure environment screen

33/ At last! The performance check is finished and Windows Vista is ready to start.

Windows Vista Logo screen

34/ Windows Vista is now loading.

Windows Vista Log On Screen

35/ Type in your user password and then press the Arrow button to the right of the password dialogue box to log on to Windows Vista.

Windows Vista Welcome screen

36/ Welcome To Windows Vista.

Preparing your desktop screen

37/ Windows Vista is now preparing your desktop. This is the last hurdle.

Get started with windows screen

38/ Congratulations you have now arrived at the Windows Vista desktop!