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17. Format A Partition Using The Vista DVD

You can format a partition using either the Disk Management Console or you can use the Windows Vista DVD to achieve the same result.

To use the Vista DVD proceed as follows:

1/ Switch on your PC.

2/ Quickly insert the Vista DVD into your CD/DVD-ROM drive.

3/ A message will appear asking you to 'Press any key to boot from CD/DVD.

4/ Press any key.

5/ A black screen will now appear with a progress bar along the bottom. The legend say's Windows is loading files.

6/ After the files have been loaded the Language screen will appear.

7/ Select your language from the list and press Next.

8/ At the Installation screen press the Install Now button.

9/ The product key window will now open.

10/ Type your product key number into the available box and then press OK.

11/ The End user Licence Agreement now appears. You must accept this to continue.

12/ The next screen to appear is Where do you want to install Windows.

13/ At the bottom of this window you will see an option marked Drive options (Advanced), click on this option.

14/ In this Window select the partition you wish to Format from the list available and then click Format option link.

15/ A message will now appear informing you that all data will be destroyed. Click OK to proceed.