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28. Find Option In IE 7.0

Remember the good old days (IE 6.0 and below) when it was a simple matter to Find anything on the current web page by clicking Edit on the main toolbar and selecting 'find on this page'?

Well Microsoft seem to think that we no longer want a menu bar at the top of IE and have thus, by default, hidden it.

Okay this is no major hardship. But it does make it difficult to 'find on this page' any item you want. After all you don't want to have to keep enabling the menu bar every time you want to search for something, do you?

Well here's the answer:

1/ In Internet Explorer 7.0 click the down pointing arrow next to the magnifying glass at the top right of your IE 7.0 window.

2/ From the drop down menu, select the Find on this page option.

3/ The Find dialogue will now appear.

4/ Type in the details you wish to find and press Next for the search to begin.