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86. Error Code 0x80240029 When Updating Windows Defender

On a Windows Vista machine you may see the following error message: Error Found: Code 0x80240029 when you attempt to update your copy of Windows Defender.

The problem arises because of a corrupted SoftwareDistribution folder.

To rectify the problem you will need to start your computer in Safe Mode and then proceed as follows:

1/ Start your computer.

2/ As the computer is starting, and before the Vista progress bar appears, keep tapping the F8 key.

3/ An Advanced Boot Options menu should now appear.

4/ Using the Arrow Keys on your keyboard to navigate to the Safe Mode option and then press Enter.

5/ Once in Safe Mode, Click the Start button and then, in the Search dialogue box type %windir% and Press Enter.

6/ Windows Explorer will open and the Windows folder will be selected.

7/ Scroll down the list of items in the Windows folder until you locate the SoftwareDistribution folder.

8/ Now Right Click on the SoftwareDistribution folder and, from the menu that appears, Click Rename.

9/ In the Rename box Type: SoftwareDistribution.old and then Press Enter.

10/ All you need do now is Restart your computer and a new SoftwareDistribution folder will be created.