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89. Error: 0x80070422 While Downloading Windows Updates

If the error message Error: 0x80070422 appears when you are downloading updates from the windows update site it may be necessary to make alterations to the Windows Update Service Settings prior to re-starting the service and trying again.

To make these changes, proceed as follows:

1/ Prior to making any changes you MUST be logged on as Administrator.

2/ Click the Start button followed by Control Panel.

3/ In Control Panel, Click the Administrative Tools Icon.

4/ In the Administrative Tools Window, Click the Services Icon

5/ User Account Control (UAC) will ask for administrative permission. If you are the administrator, press the Continue button. If you are not the administrator then you must obtain the administrator user name and password.

6/ Browse through the list of Services and Right Click on the Windows Update Service. From the drop down menu that appears, Click Properties.

7/ Make sure that the Start Up Type option on the General Tab is set to Automatic.

8/ In the Service Status section ensure that the service is Started. If it is not started then, Click the Start option.

9/ Once again if User Account Control asks for permission then either press Continue, if you are the administrator, or obtain the necessary user name and password information to allow you to continue.

10/ Once the service has been started try downloading your updates again.