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83. Enabling Spell Checker In Windows Mail

Wouldn't it be nice if we were all capable of perfect spelling? Sadly this is not the case and many people actually struggle to spell word correctly. Thankfully we have an instant application that can come to our aid in the form of the Windows Mail spell checker. This will automatically check all your outgoing emails for spelling errors and will select a suitable replacement.

The Windows Mail spell checker is not, by default, enabled, so it is up to you to enable this option and get the benefit of the spell checker.

This is how it is done.

1/ Open Windows Mail.

2/ On the Main toolbar, Click the Tools option.

3/ From the drop down menu that appears, Select Options.

4/ The Option window will now appear.

5/ In the Options Window, Click the Spelling tab.

6/ Under the Settings section at the top of the window, Place a Check Mark in the always check spelling before sending option.

7/ Make any alterations you need to make under the when checking spelling, always ignore option. For instance you may not wish to have the original text in replies or forwards checked for spelling errors, in which case you should place a check mark in the original text in a reply or forward option.

8/ Next look near the bottom of the window under the Language section and make sure that the correct language is selected.

9/ Finally Click OK to close the Options Window.

10/ Now every time you send an email, Windows Mail will automatically check the contents for spelling errors.