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99. Enable Start Menu Power Button To Shut Down PC

By default the Start Menu power button is set to put your PC to sleep when it is pressed. If you want to change the way the start menu power button works, so that it it actually shuts down your computer instead of putting it to sleep proceed as follows.

1/ Click Start and then Click the Control Panel option on the start menu.

2/ In the Control Panel window, Click the Power Option icon.

3/ In the Power Options window look under the power plan option for your computer and, Click the link marked Change plan settings.

4/ In the next window, Click the Change advanced power settings link.

5/ When the Power Options window opens, Scroll down the list until you see the Power button and Lids option.

6/ Click the + (plus) sign to expand the menu.

7/ Click the + (plus) sign next to the Start Menu Power Button option. The default setting is Sleep.

8/ Click the Arrow button to the Right of the Sleep dialogue box and you should see the option Shut Down.

9/ Select the Shut Down option and then press OK.

10/ Finally, Close all of the Power Option windows.

11/ When you click the Start button and then click the Power button your PC should shut down.