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68. Enable Sound In DreamScene

Windows Vista Ultimate Extras offer the user a way of bringing the PC's desktop to life with DreamScene.

DreamScene enables the user to use video to enhance their desktop experience. But, as well as having video running on the desktop, you can also experience sound too.

To enable the DreamScene sound, proceed as follows:

1/ Ensure that your DreamScene video is running on your desktop

2/ Right Click on the Speaker icon in the notification are (next to the clock at the bottom of your screen)

3/ From the menu that appears, Click Open Volume Mixer

4/ In the Volume Mixer window you should see three options:

5/ At the Bottom of the DreamScene Volume slider you will see a Speaker icon with a small red circle with a bar across it (if the red circle is not showing then the the sound is already enabled), Click on this to enable sound

6/ Finally, adjust the Volume Slider to the desired level of sound, then Close the Volume Mixer window by Clicking the red X in the top right hand corner of the Mixer window

7/ You should now see your video playing and also hear the sound.