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29. Enable/Disable Internet Connection Activity Animation

By default, the Internet Connection activity icon, situated in the notification area (double computer icon), displays two tiny PCs with blue screens when connected. This simply informs the user that a connection has been established. What it does not say is whether data is being transferred between the host PC and the Internet.

To get the icon to blink as it does in other versions of Windows, and thus enable you to see that data is being transferred, you need to enable the Activity Animation option. To do this proceed as follows:


1/ Right Click on the Internet Connection icon in the notification tray.

2/ From the Drop Down Menu, Click on the turn on activity animation option.

33/ Now when data is being transferred between your PC and the Web you should see the connection icon blink alternately as data is transferred.


If you want to return the Internet Connection Icon to its original none blinking state proceed as follows:

1/ Right Click the Internet Connection icon.

2/ From the Drop Down menu, Click the turn off activity animation option.