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97. Email Stuck In Windows Mail Out Box

Recently this has become one of the major problems that users' ask about on the newsgroups.

What normally happens is that you send an email via Windows Mail and, instead of being sent, it lands in the Outbox and gets stuck there. No matter what you do to try to delete it nothing works.

However, a small free utility called, aptly, WMUtil created by fellow MVP Steve Cochran is at hand that will help solve this problem.

This is a really useful utility which is not only capable of removing stuck files in the outbox but also it can compact the database, repair the database and clean blank files.

1/ First you need to download the utility from this link WMUtil.

2/ Once you have downloaded the zipped file, unzip it to a separate folder, then Click on the WMUtil file. This file doesn't install you just need to run it.

3/ The Open File Security window will pop up and you will be offered the choice of Running the program or Cancelling the program. Click Run.

4/ The WMUtil window will now open.

5/ Click the Clear Outbox button and WMUtil will remove the stuck message(s).