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119. Display The Windows Explorer Menu Bar

In previous versions of Windows Explorer there used to be a menu bar displayed which contained such options as: File; Edit; View; Tools; and Help. With the release of Windows Vista it was decided to hide this tool bar from view.

Many people are so used to using this menu bar that the disappearance of it has caused some disappointment. However, even though it is not immediately available, you can quickly get the menu bar to appear by pressing either the F10 or the Alt key while in windows explorer.

If, however, you want the tool bar to be permanently displayed then proceed as follows:

1/ Open Windows Explorer.

2/ On the main tool bar, click Organize.

3/ From the drop down menu that appears, Click the Layout option.

4/ Another drop down menu will appear.

5/ From this drop down menu, Click on the Menu Bar option.

6/ The old style menu bar will immediately appear above the standard tool bar.