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100. Disable This Page Contains Both Secure and NonSecure Items Option For Internet Explorer

When visiting web site you may see a prompt saying 'This page contains both secure and nonsecure items, do you want to display the nonsecure items?'

Obviously the message you are receiving is a security message and it isn't something I would personally be changing. It is there for a purpose and without it you don't actually know whether you are being diverted to a secure site or not. However, recently I have been asked how to disable this particular warning message.

As I have pointed out above, I personally would be rather reluctant to disable this type of message; however, if you want to disable it, then proceed as follows:

1/ Open Internet Explorer.

2/ Click Tools followed by Internet Options.

3/ In Internet Options, Click the Security tab.

4/ Make sure the select a Zone to change at the top of the window has Internet highlighted.

5/ Now Click the Custom Level button.

6/ A list of options will now appear.

7/ Scroll down to the Miscellaneous section.

8/ Scroll through this section and look for the Display mixed content option.

9/ This option is set to Prompt.

10/ Change the Prompt option to Enable.

11/ Click OK, followed by Yes and finally OK again.

12/ The change should take immediate effect.