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58. Disable Large Icons On The Start Menu

When you click the Start button a list of applications that you use most appears. The same applies when you click the All Programs option. Along with the description of the program, you also see its relevant icon. By default these icons are displayed in 'large' mode. If you don't like these large icons you can always make them smaller by disabling the large icon option.

To do this proceed as follows:

1/ Right Click a vacant part of the taskbar.

2/ From the Menu that appears, Click on Properties.

3/ The Task Bar and Start menu properties window will now open.

4/ Click the Start Menu tab.

5/ On the Start Menu Tab, Click the Customize button.

6/ In the Customize Start Menu Window you will see a list of items displayed.

7/ Scroll down to the very bottom of the list and you should see a Use Large Icons option.

8/ To reduce the size of the desktop icons, Remove the check mark from the box on the left of the Use Large Icons option, and then Press OK followed by OK in the Next window.

9/ Your desktop icons should now be of a reduced size.