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92. Disable Download Images Option In Windows Mail

You have probably noticed that, when receiving an email in HTML format via Windows Mail, that there are no graphics. The only thing that you can see, aside from the text of the email, is the graphic placeholders and these usually contain a red cross.

It is not unusual for senders of HTML based email to add extra code to the graphics to enable the email to, effectively, 'phone home' to tell the sender that you have actually opened the email and read it. Because of this Windows Mail blocks this action by disabling downloaded images in HTML emails.

Of course Windows Mail does give you the option of seeing the images simply by clicking on the option to allow the images at the top of the email. However, if you don't want the hassle of having to keep giving your permission fro the images to be downloaded you can actually disable this feature altogether.

1/ Open Windows Mail.

2/ From the main toolbar, Click the Tools button.

3/ From the Drop Down menu that appears, Click Options.

4/ In the Options window, Click the Security tab.

5/ In the Security Tab window look for the section marked Download Images.

6/ Within this section you will see the option Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail.

7/ Click on the box to the Left of this option and Remove the check mark.

8/ Finally Press OK.

9/ The next time you download any HTML emails the images will download with them.