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93. Disable Disk Defragmenter Schedule

With Windows Vista you have probably noticed that:

  1. You no longer have a graphical display when running Disk Defragmenter.
  2. Now Disk Defragmenter runs on a set weekly schedule.

The loss of the graphical display is by default and there isn't anything that you can actually do about that, other than running an alternative disk defragmentation application.

Disabling disk defragmenter so that it doesn't run on a schedule, however, is a simpler nut to crack; and here's how it's done.

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ In the Search box at the bottom of the Start menu type: Defrag

3/ Vista will search for the word Defrag and should quickly come up with Disk Defragmenter in it's search results. This you should see at the top of search result page on the start menu.

4/ Click on the Disk Defragmenter option in the search results.

5/ User Account Control will open and ask for permission to continue. As usual, if you are the Administrator, Click the Continue button. If you are not the administrator then you will need the administrator user name and password to continue.

6/ The Disk Defragmenter window will now open.

7/ Look in the first section of the disk defragmenter window and you will see an option marked Run on schedule (recommended).

8/ To the Left of this option you will see a box with a Tick inside it.

9/ Hover your Mouse over the box and then Click the Left Mouse button to remove the tick (check mark).

10/ All of the schedule information will now appear greyed out. You have now disabled the option.

11/ Finally Click the OK button to Close the Disk Defragmenter window.

12/ You will now only be able to manually run disk defragmenter, it will no longer run to a set schedule.