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63. Delete Browsing History From IE 7.0

No matter what websites you visit on the Internet your web browser keeps a record of every site. In one way this is good because the details are always available if you need to revisit the site. However, if you don't want everyone else that uses your PC to go snooping around the sites you have visited you need to get rid of the evidence.

While deleting browsing history will prevent others from immediately viewing the sites you have been to, it is not a foolproof way of removing the location of, say, less favourable sites. To totally erase all your tracks you need specialist software such as Evidence Eliminator. but just to delete your browsing history you can follow the instructions below.

1/ Open Internet Explorer 7.0.

2/ On the extreme right of the main toolbar you will see an option marked Tools, Click on this.

3/ From the drop down menu that appears, Click on the Delete Browsing History option.

4/ In the next window that appears, Click the Delete History button.

5/ A message will now appear asking if you want to delete the history of sites you have visited. Click Yes.

6/ Your browsing history will now be deleted.

7/ Finally, Click the Close button.