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91. Delete A User Account

Deleting a user account will only become necessary when the person concern either stops using your computer or, if you are a business, leaves your employ.

Once the user account has been deleted the person to whom it belonged can no longer access the computer using his/her log on credentials.

To delete a user account proceed as follows:

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ From the Start menu, Click the Control Panel option.

3/ In the Control panel window, Click the User Account icon.

4/ The User Account window will now open.

5/ In the Make changes to your account list of options, Click Manage another account.

6/ User Account Control will now kick in and will ask permission for you to continue. If you are the Administrator then simply Click the Continue button. If you are not the Administrator then you will need to obtain, from the administrator, the user name and password before you can continue.

7/ In the Choose the account you want to change window, Click the name of the user you wish to delete.

8/ The Make changes to account window will now appear.

9/ From the list of options, Click on the Delete the account option.

Important Note

You should be aware that, if you are the computer Administrator, it is not possible to Delete your own account without first creating another Administrator account.

10/ The next window asks if you want to keep the files relating to this account.

11/ If you want to keep the files, Click the Keep Files button. Keeping the files enables windows to automatically save the contents of the desktop, documents, favourties, music, pictures and video folders that relate to this account.

12/ If you don't want to keep the files, simply Click the Delete Files button.

13/ Again you are asked to confirm that you actually want to delete these user account, so Click the Delete Account button.

14/ One you have Clicked on the Delete Account button the account will be deleted for good.