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90. Create New User Profile

If you are the sole user of your computer you may not find it necessary to create another user profile. However, one good reason to create another user profile when you are the only user is to safeguard your administrator account. By adapting a new standard user account profile you can go about your work in the knowledge that no one can tamper with your machine without the administrator user name user name and password and, fortunately, only you know that.

Should you not be the only user of your computer it is wise to give other users' be they family or friends their own user account. This allows them to customise their own work space without upsetting yours.

To create a new user profile proceed as follows:

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ From the Start menu, Click the Control Panel option.

3/ In the Control panel window, Click the User Account icon.

4/ The User Account window will now open.

5/ In the Make changes to your account list of options, Click Manage another account.

6/ User Account Control will now kick in and will ask permission for you to continue. If you are the Administrator then simply Click the Continue button. If you are not the Administrator then you will need to obtain, from the administrator, the user name and password before you can continue.

7/ The Choose the Account you would like to change window will now open.

8/ Click the Create New Account option.

9/ The Name the account and choose an account type window now opens.

10/ Type the name of the new account in the name dialogue box.

11/ Now select the Type of account you want. You have two choices, Standard or Administrator.

  1. Standard - Standard accounts enable the user to use most software installed on your computer and also to change system settings that are not linked to other users or are security settings.
  2. Administrator - The Administrator has complete control over the computer and can make any changes they wish.

12/ Once you have chosen the type of account you want to create, Click the Create Account button.

13/ Your new account will now be created.