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10. Create A System Restore Point

System Restore is a form of system backup that enables the user to recover from many a disaster. While system restore automatically creates a restore point at a given time each day, if your PC is not switched on at that given time then the system restore cannot be created; therefore, it is necessary for you to have to wait for the next scheduled restore file creation point.

While installing most software applications will automatically trigger a system restore point, it is good practice to get into the routine of manually creating a restore point every time you make significant changes to your PCs setup.

To manually create a system restore proceed as follows:

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ From the Start menu click Control Panel.

3/ In Control Panel click the System Icon.

4/ On the Left of the System Properties Window you will find a list of Tasks. From this list click System Protection.

5/ In the next window click the Create Button.

6/ A new dialogue box now appears.

7/ In this Dialogue box type a suitable name for the restore Point (preferably one that gives you an insight into what you created the restore point for. It is far better to have a title such as: 'Changed display settings' than one simply called 'Restore point 1'. At least the first title gives you a description, the second does not.)

8/ After typing a suitable title, click Create.

9/ The Creating A System Restore Point progress bar will now appear.

10/ Once the restore point has been created a box will appear with the legend 'The restore point was successfully created.'

11/ At this point click OK to finish the process.

As well as the above, you can also create a system restore point as follows:

1/ Click the Start Button.

2/ Click All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System restore.

3/ In the System restore window click the 'Open System Protection' link.

4/ In the System protection Window follow instructions 4 through to 11 above to complete the task