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06. Checking System Memory With Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool


Windows Vista is the first Windows operating system to have a built in memory diagnostics tool. This tool helps analyse your install system memory (RAM) to ensure that everything is working as it should be.

There are two methods of accessing the Memory Diagnostics Tool:

From within the Vista Interface:

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ From the menu select Control Panel.

3/ In Control panel click the Administrative Tools Icon.

4/ In the Administrative Tools Window you will see a menu of items. Scroll down this menu until you come to the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool and then click on this option.

5 A new window will now appear with the following options:

6/ It is recommended that you choose the 'restart now and check problems option.'

7/ The Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool will now start scanning your memory for problems.

8/ After the diagnostic tool has finished checking the memory your PC will restart and details of the memory check will be displayed via an icon in the notification area.

9/ By default the memory check is set for 'standard'. If you want a more thorough check you can change the scan option by pressing F1. This will bring up the options window. From here you can change the scan from Standard to Basic or Enhanced. Please note that the Enhanced scan does take some time to complete.

Start Scan at Boot-up

This option is useful if you have a dual boot system - i.e. you have more than one operating system installed on your PC.

1/ Reboot your PC.

2/ At the Vista Boot Manager screen press the TABbutton to highlight the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool option.

3/ When this option is highlighted press Enter.

4/ The Memory Diagnostics Tool Window will now open and scanning of the memory will start.

5/ Once scanning has completed your PC will restart and details of the scan will be displayed via an icon in the notification area on your desktop.