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112. Change Windows Live Mail Spell Checker to British English Language

The default spell checking language for the English version of Windows Live Mail is US (United States). This is fine if you live in the US. If, however, you happen to live in countries that use the British way of spelling rather than the United States, spell checking an email can become a nightmare.

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround which will solve the problem.

1/ First Open Windows Live Mail .

2/ Click the Tools option on the main toolbar.

3/ From the Drop Down menu, Click on Options.

4/ When the Options window opens, Click the Spelling tab.

5/ Look for the Languages section and Scroll down the list until you come to English (United Kingdom).

6/ Select this language by highlighting it with the mouse.

7/ Next Click the Set as default button.

8/ Finally, Click OK to exit.

9/ Your Window Live Mail should now check all emails using British English.