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75. Change The Way Security Center Alerts You

The security center monitors a number of security specific option of the Windows Vista system; in particular your Windows Firewall, Anti Virus, Malware/Spyware, Windows Updates and user Account Control are all monitored from this one area.

While everything is running fine on your system you will rarely see any security center activity, even less any alerts. However, when things do go wrong or you decide to disable something that security center monitors, such as User Account Control, up pops the dreaded red shield informing you that you have a problem.

This is fine when something really has gone wrong, but it may be a case that you, the user, have decided to disable something, thus you know about it and, to you, it is not a problem. Security Center, on the other hand thinks differently.

Because the security center is constantly monitoring your system, once an alert has been triggered it will continue to bug you until you do something about it. This will usually entail updating your anti virus or something similar. Once the problem has been sorted the alert will go away.

If you disable something yourself then, if you don't re-enable it, the alert will definitely not go away; not unless you instruct security center to change the way it alerts you. You can do this as follows:

1/ Click the Start button.

2/ From the Start menu, Click Control panel.

3/ In Control panel, Click the Security Center icon.

4/ The Security Center window will now open.

5/ On the left of the window you will see a list of options.

6/ From this list, Click the Change the way security center alerts me option.

7/ The Do you want to be notified of security issues window will open.

8/ From here you have the following choices:

9/ The Yes notify me and display the icon (recommended) is the default setting.

10/ Click on the option you want and the option will then take immediate effect.