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69. Change Space Allocation For Recycle Bin

The recycle bin has a default percentage for space allocation. While this is fine in principle, if you happen to have a large capacity hard drive, the recycle bin may actually be wasting space by setting its space allocation far to high.

Most users regularly empty the recycle bin so any excess allocated space is actually wasted space which could be utilised by other applications.

By reducing this space or, for that matter, turning it off completely (turning off completely is not always wise, because you then have no way of retrieving files you may have accidentally deleted), you can grab back some much needed disk space.

To change the space allocated to the recycle bin, proceed as follows:

1/ Right Click on the Recycle Bin icon.

2/ From the menu that appears, Click Properties.

3/ In the Properties window, select the drive you want to reduce the allocated space on.

4/ Use the Custom Size box to input the actual amount of space you wish to allocate for the recycle bin, and then Click the OK button. Alternatively, if you want to turn the feature off completely for the selected drive, Select the do not move files to the recycle bin option and then Click the OK button.