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96. Change The Location Of The Windows Mail Folder Store

Windows Mail stores all of its database files in a folder on your C: drive. By default this is:

C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail

If you want to move the Windows Mail database files to another location, proceed as follows.

1/ Open Windows Mail.

2/ Click the Tools option on the main toolbar.

3/ From the Drop Down menu, Click Options.

4/ In the Options Window, Click the Advanced Tab.

5/ In the Advanced Tab window, Click the Maintenance Button.

6/ In the Maintenance Window, Click the Store Folder button.

7/ When the Store Location window appears, Click the Change button.

8/ The Browse Folder window will now appear. Select the Folder or Drive that you want to change the location to and then Press the OK button. If a folder doesn't exist where you want to move the files to, you can always create a folder by clicking the Make new Folder button.

9/ The New Location will now appear in the Store Location window. To complete the job, Press the OK button.

10/ Files will not be copied to the new store location until after you have closed down Windows Mail.