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23. Change Behaviour Of Icons In Notification Area

The notification area is situated at the bottom right of your screen and is the home to the clock and a number of other application icons.

These icons usually represent programs that run when Windows starts. An example is Anti virus software and third party Firewall applications.

If you have a number of applications running at Start up the notification area can become somewhat overcrowded. While it is not always possible, or wise, to prevent the applications from launching when Windows starts, you can make the notification area somewhat less cluttered by hiding many of the icons you don't regularly use.

To do this proceed as follows:

1/ Right Click your mouse in the Notification Area.

2/ From the Drop Down Menu that appears Click on the Customize Notification Area option.

3/ In the Customize Notification icons window, Click on the item you wish to change the behaviour of.

4/ In the Behaviour column, Click on the Down pointing Arrow to the Right of the behaviour dialogue box.

5/ From the Drop Down menu, Select the behaviour you want to attribute to the relevant icon. The options are:

6/ After making your selection, Click OK to set the behaviour for that icon.