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25. Adding Gadgets To The Sidebar

The vertical bar that sits on the right hand side of your desktop is known as the Sidebar. Its purpose is to provide information at a glance, such as, News feeds; Weather Reports; Stock, etc, and provide access to frequently used tools.

To achieve this aim these sidebar is populated with Gadgets. These currently include such gadgets as: calendar, Clock, Contacts, CPU Meter, Current News Feed Headlines, Picture Puzzle, Slideshow' Stock and Weather.

By default only the Clock, Sideshow and News feed gadgets are displayed. To add other gadgets proceed as follows:

1/ On the Sidebar Click the + (plus) sign situated at the top of the Sidebar.

2/ The Gadget Window will now be displayed.

3/ Select the Gadget you require by double clicking on its image. Further Gadgets can be obtained online by clicking the get more gadgets online link at the bottom right of the gadget window.

4/ As soon as you have double clicked on the relevant gadget the gadget will appear on the Windows Sidebar.