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115. Add/Remove Control Panel Icon On Desktop

Adding Icons to the desktop may cause it to look cluttered, but it also gives the user quick access to areas of the Vista Operating System.

There are a few Windows Vista options that are used more often than other, for example Internet Explorer and Control Panel. Normally you access control panel by clicking the Start button followed by Control Panel; Internet Explorer however requires deeper digging unless an icon is situated on the quick launch toolbar.

There is a simple way of adding system icons for Control Panel; Internet Explorer; Network; User Files and Computer.

To add one or all of these icons to your desktop proceed as follows:

1/ Right click on a vacant area of your desktop.

2/ From the Drop Down Menu, Click on Personalize.

3/ When the Personalize window opens, Click on the link in the left hand pane (Tasks) marked Change Desktop Icons.

4/ The Desktop Icons Settings window will now open.

5/ To add a specific icon to the desktop place a check mark (Tick) in the box on the left of the Icon you want displayed.

6/ Once you have made your selection, Click OK.

7/ Your icons should now be displayed on your desktop.

Removing the Icons

If you wish to remove some or all of the icons listed above from your desktop all you need do is follow steps 1 to 4 above. Once the Desktop Icon Settings window is open all you then need do is Remove the check mark (Tick) from the box of each icon you ant removing. Once you have done this, Press OK and the icons will be removed.